Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back From China


We're back and I intend to write about China, but I thought I'd also make this post a floating index of sorts. I'll update this with links to China related articles, but meantime, if you're a regular reader, you can skip this on your way to the new stuff below.

And if you want to link to China coverage, you can link to this all-inclusive post. How convenient!

So, live posts from China:

We're here!
First Second Impressions
Three Blades of Yangchow

Books about China worth reading (chronological by subject):

1930s Shanghai and Chengdu. The Lady and the Panda
1972 Beijing and elsewhere. Nixon and Mao
1990s Beijing. Foreign Babes in Beijing

Posts about China from home:

Children's Department Store (with video!)
Imperial Meal (with video!)
Outdoor Exercise Equipment (with video!)
Guanyuan Insect Market

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