Wednesday, June 27, 2007

China Stock

I'm no financial genius (I barely qualify as a financial moron), but I'm pretty happy with a stock that I bought just before we left for China: (CTRP). CTrip is basically Expedia in China -- online airline and hotel bookings.

After seeing the burgeoning new middle class in China, and the amount of travel they did at the May holiday (which will be reflected in the 3rd quarter statement), plus the increasing number of computers, it seems (for now) like a no-brainer, especially through the 2008 Olympics (I figure the Chinese government is not going to rock teh boat one iota until after that, and possibly until after Shanghai hosts the World Expo in 2010).

Anyway, the stock is doing well, and recently they announced that they will be paying dividends soon, too.

Buy at your own risk.


Baldwin said...

Nice tip. But I'm not falling for your pump and dump. BTW, I'm rating GOOG a BUYBUYBUY!


jc said...


It's up 3.5% since Wednesday's post. If you had only invested $100K when I told you to, you would have a cool three grand burning a hole in your pocket right now.

BTW, I also have RC2 stock, a company you never heard of until it turned out they were painting their children's toys with lead. Oops.