Sunday, June 03, 2007

Repeat: The Public Humanist

[Ed. note: I had the idea of having a "public, named" blog and a "private, anonymous" blog but I'm not sure if there's any point to it anymore. I don't find myself ranting much on either one, and the public one tends to lay fallow. Anyway, here's the latest post from "over there":]

I'm now listed as a contributor to The Public Humanist, a site set up by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities with support from The Valley Advocate.

Pretty impressive list of writers there. I'm the, uh, Asian one, I guess. What's going on that it was so hard to find non-whites with a background and passion for the Humanities? Perhaps I need to write a blogpost about that.

The point of the blog is to engage in public dialogues about how the humanities frame, affect and are affected by our public, American lives. It's early on, and as I wrote, I'm listed as a contributor but have not yet contributed, but it looks to be a good discussion. Join in!

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