Friday, June 22, 2007

Imperial Meal

In Beijing's Beihai Park, Fangshan Restaurant has been serving the public for more than eighty years. The first chef had worked in the Forbidden City and so the quality of the food is said to be appropriate for the Emperor--or Empress.

From what we heard Dowager Cixi "The Dragon Lady" used to come to Beihai when it was still private property and eat a meal at this auxiliary kitchen when she was bored of the food at the Palace. Our guide Sean told us that the kitchens would prepare literally dozens of dishes for every meal so that they would be ready whenever the Dragon Lady made her desires known.

Our meal was absolutely delicious, wonderful textures and flavors and a real variety of ingredients (including camel). Recommended!

(Oh, and we didn't have the kids with us. Thanks, Ma and Ba!)

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sandy said...

YUM! great video -- thanks for sharing. everything looked amazing, except for the slimy camel.