Sunday, June 03, 2007

Moving platforms

I put in an order for a MacBook last week (Macrumors says the time is right)! And I'm too cheap to buy MS Office so I'm thinking of trying to use for a while until my incompatibility forces me to cough up the dough.

The reasons for the switch: digital videocamera and more digital media handling, and needed a laptop. I'm still going to use my Dell desktop rather heavily, but I've already starting deleting music files from its choked 60 Gig HD (Sixty gigs! Unfillable , it seemed). Multi-platform, baby! I hope this helps with some of the incompatibility issues I occasionally get with documents from WGBH.

Mac users, I need help: I didn't get Apple care for the machine but I have up to a year from purchase. Pete said he's never had to use it. Although I think Andrew had problems with his Macbook. Comments are needed! Is Applecare worth getting? ($249 for three years -- have you spent more than that for Mac repairs?)

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slushy said...

i got it. and i used it. right before my applecare deal ended, my hard drive died. and i never ever backed up my computer. so i brought it to tekserve (a store full of guys who probably worked in indie record shops and indie ice creams joints in high school so they have an inflated sense of their importance but now they really do rule the world) and they fixed it and installed a new drive. i had to pay a little beyond the apple care agreement, but it was cheaper than getting a new computer within three years of buying my laptop. and now it's just had its 5th birthday and i'm sure i'll have to replace by this time next year, what with planned obsolescence and all that, but meantime, kinehora she holds on. so i say get it.