Tuesday, December 05, 2006

PBS Interactive

This is cool.

Nova is producing a documentary about the next generation of cars and YOU can help them develop the show. You can suggest who to interview, what to ask, and read the current script.

I never watch Nova but this makes me interested to catch this episode.


So Edie introduced me to this show "How I Met Your Mother," a sitcom about dating, etc. in New York. It's funny, but I often forget to watch it (like all this season).

But then I was flipping through TV Week and found a reference to a viral video marketing tactic that the show used which increased viewership by a million viewers -- more than 10 percent.

Here's a link to the video.

It's hilarious. I guess the premise is that one of the characters on the show is a Canadian who is trying to make it as a TV news reporter in New York. Well, this video is from her teeny bopper days in Canada and is called "Let's Go to the Mall."

If you, like me, went to a Canadian mall in the 1980s, you will enjoy it. My favorite part may just be the rhyme they make with "Tori."