Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Second impressions

I haven't been in China since 1989. So here are some first impressions of this trip:

It's a lot cleaner than it used to be in the public areas, like the airport, train station, etc. That said, the streets are still have that kind of gritty Developing World grime everywhere.

The bustle (Heat and Noise) level here is really high. Lots of the shops and food stalls have spaces opening out to the street and people line up to watch them cook up fresh snacks.

My mom went out and got some breakfast food -- dumplings, soy milk, fried egg sandwiches in scallion pancakes, fried dough sticks wrapped in sticky rice -- and it was all delicious.

People are still pretty pushy. If you're standing still, you're in the way.

The kids are making a good impression. Lots of waves and smiles. At one point, Julie was holding Mari and there were about eight people behind her waving and talking about Mari.

The weather here is pretty bad, though. Lots of rain right now. It should clear up tomorrow.

The last weird thing is that Blogger is in Chinese. I'm just pushing buttons blindly where I remember things being.

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