Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Progress Report


So how are the kids?

Austin suddenly became potty trained. I wish I could explain it but it was really like a switch just turned on.

We've tried for months. I had him put on underwear months ago and he freaked out when he peed. We would make him sit on the potty all the time. Make him go naked in the backyard. Nothing worked.

Then, two weeks ago, I had him at home and he peed a few times in the yard, and then a couple times in the potty. And then I sent him to daycare in his pull-up and caught a plane to Baldwin and Sandy's wedding.

Julie reported that Austin suddenly started peeing in the potty (sitting, but still). And then when we thought he was taking a nap, we heard the sound of the toilet seat bang open and the pitter patter of little feet. He had just pooped in the toilet! It's amazing. He's totally motivated and great at it now.

Mari, meanwhile, is slowly getting more comprehensible in her speech. Instead of just singing phrases with vowels, she's making consonant sounds that match what we're saying.

And she loves to hang.

I may have mentioned this before, but at the playground I found out that she can hang from a bar for a long time -- 30 seconds I once timed her. As Julie and I got more excited about this, she started to do it more. It's really impressive.

At home, we have no bar but she'll go to the dining room table, put her fingers on the top and then curl up her legs and swing back and forth a few times before standing up again. She did this at a restaurant the other day and the other diners were amazed.

When she does this I call her "Hangtime." I think she's going to be a rock climber.