Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Googling, Amazoning and Ira Glass

So Baldwin wrote a comment about my Google post which reminded me of a couple of things.

One, feel free to comment! It doesn't say so explicitly, but I get an e-mail whenever someone posts a comment so I do read them. Now go read Baldwin's comment so you can see what this post is about. (Wow, this is like Choose Your Own Adventure blog.)

Two, yes, finding out you've been Googled is weird. But I do it to people all the time anyway. One example, for some reason a while back I was looking up Daniel Pinkwater (probably after hearing him on NPR) and found Ducks. I didn't read the book (although I did read his memoir about raising dogs) but I was surprised to see the (at the time) single reader review by Ira Glass, who listed an e-mail that made it likely that it was the host of This American Life on NPR.

Then I did what you probably would: I clicked to see All of Ira's reviews. Only Ducks. Okay. I put the book in my wishlist just so I would remember this later.

A few weeks ago I read something in the Times about a woman stalking ex-boyfriends by reading their Amazon wishlists and Googling them.

I've never met Ira before but he seems like a nice guy and worth stalking so I looked up his wishlist. (Has it dawned yet, that Ira should get a restraining order?) Here it is. All Ira wants is the Y Tu Mama Tambien Soundtrack. Seriously?

So now I'm considering buying it for him. You know, just like a present from one of his listeners. How weird would that be? Or delightful? Hard to tell sometimes.

By the way, I just want to point out that I did not originate the Ira Glass obsession (and I even miss the show quite a bit), but rather inherited it from Hadas who once pledged to WBUR with the hopes of having Ira show up at her door to deliver a pizza. (She didn't win.)

Okay, who wants to go in on the soundtrack with me? It's an import so a little pricey.

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