Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween 2005

In Toronto growing up, Halloween was an odd holiday. First of all, it was a long time until Christmas and Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving) had already passed a couple weeks earlier. Second, it was cold. I remember wearing a ski jacket and having to flash neighbors for candy:
"Trick or treat!"
"What are you supposed to be?"
Ziiiiiiip. Flash.
"Wow, what a great [astronaut] [king] [soldier] you are! Have some candy."

On Saturday, it snowed in Boston. At first I thought it was the usual first snow: hey, some flakes, let's run around and try to catch some on our tongues! But then it kept coming. And coming. I wiped the snow off the car, went inside to help Julie get the kids dressed and then had to wipe off the windshields again.

But by yesterday it had warmed up again (and right now the temp is in the 70s!).

Enough about me, pictures of our scary trick or treaters:
No wait, just Mari in her full fashion ensemble.

With addition of a tail and ears, fashion becomes feline.
Again, you would think this is a costume, but Austin loves wearing both hat and coat any time.

Scary! Neighbor Steve shows up as "a sleazy lawyer"! Lock up the kids!

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