Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mari's work

Here's a link to Mari's first published modelling work, for Carter's clothes (founded in Needham, MA where Mari's grandparents live).

In case it expires as the catalog changes, here's the image:

Update: to answer a couple of questions I've since received, yes, she has an agent, Dynasty Models in Boston. They are the ones who found this job.

She was paid an hourly rate and gets no royalties.

And no, she didn't get to keep the clothes (they have a bunch of kids wear the same outfit trying to get a couple of usable shots). Her look in this shot is called Violet Steel, an homage to Blue Steel.


Isabel said...

How cute. Thanks for sharing the pic.

Edie said...

Ok I just lost all of my comments but Mari is So CUTE!! Definitely star quality. Who decided to get her an agent? Did you go the shoot with her? Was it fun for her or as horrible as they all say it is - hot, boring and insensitive people? I have dreams of getting Maia into a Gap photo shoot but they are notoriously difficult, my baby has no hair and I don't think she would be particularly good at sitting for the camera.

Pauline said...

Neve (Mari's cousin, 1 month old) showed up at her party wearing a Carter's 'Bunches of Love' outfit. Her dad bought it for her, never having seen Mari's ad photo. She had the cardigan, but no hat. I'm sure pictures of her will show up online sooner or later.