Friday, February 17, 2006

Really busted

Well, just got back from Millennium Park where a Boston cop -- not Animal Control -- gave me a $25 ticket for Boo being off leash.

I understand that the law is the law and it's true she was off leash, but I have never met anyone at Millennium Park in the mornings who didn't have a dog (except for this cop). In fact, Boo was off leash for two minutes, to get out of the car and into the park and poo and then I put her on leash, picked up her poo and this guy came over and gave me the ticket.

So I spent the next twenty minutes walking around the park warning other dog owners.

The other stupid thing is I heard on the radio that Mayor Menino is instituting a crackdown on minor violations to cut down on major crime. What kind of minor violations? Jaywalking. Jaywalking? Because you know that people who can't wait for the light are on their way to rob a bank.

This is the kind of fascistic randomness that affects mayors who have been in office too long. This is why most of New York hated Rudy Giuliani on September 10, 2001 -- enforcement of jaywalking laws and all.

But at least New York has dog runs! Where are dogs supposed to go in Boston?

One lady I talked to this morning said she heard that Roche Bros. is going to make a fenced in dog park from the skaiting rink down to Rte 109. If so, Roche Bros. would once again become my favorite supermarket.

Free Boo!


Edie said...

We in SF too live in fear of the animal control. It's been a pretty high profile debate lately. A number of off leash areas have recently been converted to on-leash areas, and the parks I take Hana to are all technically off leash. I say technically because they are also pretty much all places where all the dogs run around free.

San Francisco is the city where there are more dogs than kids, so the dog PAC is pretty important politically. They get pitted (oops) against the parents groups a lot and most parks with playgrounds are on leash so that the dogs don't attack the little kids.

This seems like a disservice to parent-dogowners like me who want to be able to both bring my baby and my dog to the park for a good romp. But we are probably the smallest piece of the dog/parenting ven diagram.

In the end, we'll probably move to Palo Alto (where I'm guessing there is even less tolerance for off leash dogs).

jc said...

Whoa! I think I just scooped! Probably moving to Palo Alto?!

I also want to reiterate -- this was not Animal Control. Those guys tend to see Boo in action and give a warning. This was a Cop! And he didn't see us interact with another human being (or dog).