Thursday, February 02, 2006


Here's a couple articles today about parenting by credit card:

This one says that parents are sometimes sublimating their anxiety by buying junk which is not that earth shattering but you really need to read some of the quotes. Disgusting. What's with the single 25 year old obsessed with baby stuff?

This one I quite like, about trying to have a birthday party without accumulating big plastic stuff. The solution? Book swap!


Edie said...

Good article. I admit my spending has been ... er... a bit liberal at times. Did I really need a special safety vest for the airplane? Or the SFP-50 outfit for Maia to wear at the beach?

I got an invitation and subscribed to Cookie, and it is truly as "horrifying" as this article describes.

It brought to mind a clothing boutique near my office called Fabuloid whose sign advertising "astonishingly affordable artisan made clothing" peaked my interest. Until I browsed the rack and saw shirts starting at a mere $225...

(I canceled Cookie after the first issue arrived, realizing that it was clearly not targeted at me.)


jc said...

Hey Edie, sounds like you're spending on safety stuff and that seems totally appropriate. I am curious about this Cookie phenomenon and may look for it the next time I'm at Out of Town News or someplace.