Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Glass on FNL

Ira Glass gives props to Friday Night Lights in the introduction to this show.

Yes, that does validate my opinion.

UPDATED: He also loves (loved) The O.C. (see around 35:00), and The O.C. apparently loves him (or at least name checks his show).

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Baldwin said...

Did I tell you that we went to This American Life's LA show? It was awesome, even the parts where Ira was just sitting at a table pushing buttons to play audio clips, or Sarah Vowell just stood and read her story with a permanently pissed off expression on her face. And OK Go is an incredibly fun and funny band to see live.

Ira "Know it all hipster who talks about how fascinating ordinary people are" Glass is My Hero. And the Chris Ware graphic on the website is taken from a great animated clip that Ware did to go with a great story (that I don't think they've aired yet.)

If you haven't already, check out the TV version of This American Life (free stuff posted at Well worth the lost productivity.