Thursday, March 02, 2006

Movie Review: Curious George

A couple of weeks ago we took Austin to see the new Curious George movie.

He liked it.

My opinion is that they spent a lot of time making George very cute and well animated and they cheaped out on the rest (including the story). The man in the yellow hat's nose was especially irritating to me.

Too much time was spent on the Man and his girlfriend and his job and all this random stuff and not enough on George having fun. The opening, with George in the jungle, and then the scene where he paints a lady's apartment are both excellent.

George was clearly modelled on human babies and Julie said she missed Mari during the movie.

One last thing: no longer is George unceremoniously ripped from his home and brought to "civilization" by the Man -- George's curiosity leads him onto the ship. Fine. But then the Man simply takes some African statues out of the jungle to display in his museum. Hello? That's also illegal, immoral and offensive.

I think Andrew should put out a State Department bulletin pointing out how egregious this is.

Anyway, bottom line is really, don't bother. To see George in action without the annoying Man, check out the Upside Down video on Jack Johnson's website.

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