Friday, March 03, 2006

Small Beer Press extravaganza


I don't usually use full names here to protect the innocent, but these folks are not innocent:

Kelly Link and Gavin Grant's Small Beer Press is having a blowout sale for this month only.

Did you know Kelly has a new book out? Magic for Beginners.

They're also publishing the very well received Mothers and Other Monsters

In other news, I've been adding random bits to Kelly's Wikipedia Entry to amuse myself. Yes! I added that she went to Columbia. I'm restraining myself so the Wiki editors don't boot me off the system.

By the way, if you are too cheap to buy their books, you can get a Free e-book of her first collection of stories at their website. Make a Paypal donation while you're there, cheapo! There're also MP3s of a couple stories on that page.

Here's Kelly's latest story.

Cool! And in case you needed proof that we know Kelly, here's a photo from two and half years ago (!).

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