Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Elvis Costello fans take note!

So, we don't have cable television, but I'm looking forward to the eventual DVD (Hulu?) release of Elvis Costello's talk show "Spectacle."

Meanwhile, an enterprising gentleman has downloaded audio tracks from the show performances and posted the zipfile on his blog. Check it out: collaborations with the Police (Watching the Moon); Elvis sings only the harmony to Alison; with Lou Reed on Perfect Day and more. Special Columbia alumni note: Laura Cantrell sings with Elvis! She graduated a year or two before I did.

(Also: this blogger, Sal?, isn't just some schmo. He used to run NYCD on the Upper West Side. I think it was through his store that I heard about, and bought, the XTC psychedelic side project Dukes of the Stratosphear. Easy to find this kind of thing on the internet now, which explains why Sal is blogging and not sitting behind the counter of a store.)

UPDATE: more audio from the show, this one featuring Rosanne Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

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