Monday, February 09, 2009


Sorry to be lame and post about a dream, but this was very spooky and was the first time I ever had... an archaeology nightmare!

(To be clear, I've had lots of nightmares where I was supposed to be someplace on a dig and wasn't ready, and I've also had plenty of experiences on digs I might describe as nightmares, but check this out:)

I dreamt I was digging in a trench and I came upon a bone. As I cleared more area, it became clear it was a tiger skeleton. That was weird. Then another bone, and another tiger. The next bone we cleaned off turned out to be part of a human skeleton. And then another. Lots of human skeletons! It was some sort of massacre that seemed to have involved a huge human and tiger conflict.

Then my dream cut back and flashed forward and from an aerial view I saw lots and lots of trenches, scattered across the landscape and from the bits and pieces I could see that this was a huge trench of tiger and human skeletons in the form of an ever increasing spiral.

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pc said...

Wow, strong emotional and visual content to that dream. Sounds like the makings of a screenplay, or book.