Saturday, September 13, 2008

John McCain thinks you're stupid

Someone needs to take this message to the people: "John McCain thinks you're stupid."

As in:

Barack Obama proposed laws that would teach our kids how to avoid sexual predators. John McCain calls this sex education for kindergarten because McCain thinks you're stupid.

Sarah Palin asked for hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks last year; it's a matter of public record. John McCain says she never asked for earmarks as governor because John McCain thinks you're stupid.

etc. etc.

Obama and Biden don't think you're stupid. That's why they're talking about specific economic plans, that's why they have a plan to get out of Iraq, etc. etc.

He is lying to America and he needs to be called on it in a way that reveals how his lies betray a contempt for ordinary Americans.


Edie said...

Did you see Paul Krugman's article:
Blizzard of Lies

I am so disgusted.

jc said...

I did see that. I go through cycles where I refuse to look at the news or listen to NPR and tune out the world and then turn around and devour everything I can find online. These cycles use to last 24 hours at a time but now they're down to about three.

I guess I better scour the 'net to see if there's been new commentary since 9am.

Emma said...

Hey Jak! You're appealing to the rational mind, which is not what it used to be, according to George Lakoff:

He recommends these ads:

Cheers, Emma