Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kid stories

The cuteness lately has been in just leaving them alone and watching how they interact.

They run after one another and wrestle like puppies sometimes, or sometimes they'll sit together and flip through a book "reading" to one another.

Mari fell down the other day and Austin asked if she was okay and offered to kiss her to make her better. And then last week at dinner I was trying to persuade Mari to eat more and then Austin stepped in:

"Mari, do you want some dessert? Will you eat some broccoli first?" She eats some broccoli. "Will you eat some carrot?" She shakes her head. He runs around the table, stabs a piece of carrot with her fork and feeds it to her.

And then this morning, Julie reports that Austin showed off the giant Lego robot he made last night. "Look what I made, Mari!"

Mari ran over to him, hugged him and said, "Good job!"

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