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I'm shoving the last picture of the kids off the front page of my blog. I'll have to remedy that.

But first.

I have to admit I had ulterior motives for that post last week, the one about books about games.

This is the motive: B-list celebrity stalking.

I don't really care about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston and all those people. They don't seem like real people anyway (or rather, what I know about them is probably about as real as a silicon breast). Also they have doofy celebrity couple names like "Brangelina."

However, I'm fascinated by couples who are under the mass media radar. Like Bob Harris and Jane Espenson. Bob wrote Trebekistan and Jane writes for TV, and also a blog about writing for TV. One huge thread in Trebekistan is the love story of Bob trying to find someone like Jane. And now I know that the first day they met she was the first person to recognize his Jeopardy buzzer simulator (a ball point pen with click removed and covered in masking tape to get the weight right) for what it was and they spent the day drinking champagne and making up names for the thing. I also now know that Jane used to name things for a living and is responsible for "Zima" (Bob doesn't write that straight out in the book but how many other carbonated alcoholic beverages rhyme with "Squeema"?)

Celebrity couple name: "Bane" or "Job."

Okay, the thing is, I'm reading the book because Jane's blog recommended it. That's not quite so fascinating.

Much better is the secret thrill I get on Friday afternoons when Stefan Fatsis talks about sports and the business of sports on NPR's All Things Considered. The thrill being, he's married to Melissa Block! They never put them on together for that reason, I'm guessing. Fatsis writes in Word Freak about meeting local New York radio journalist Melissa Block and getting together. At that point Melissa was mostly just known to listeners of WNYC but then she got a kickass promotion and thereby giving me a secret thrill each week.

Celebrity couple name: "Stelissa" or "Mefan." Even better: "Blotsis." (Last option not suitable for family blogs.)

See that's better because I knew about them separately and then it turned out they got together. Also, because they work in different media. However, I have to admit, I probably paid attention to Fatsis' book because I knew him from the radio.

Similarly, and on the radio, Terry Gross is married to Francis Davis. Davis writes jazz reviews (and books, like this one on my shelf) and I started reading his work before I ever listened to NPR, I think. And I always wondered why he didn't appear on Fresh Air since Terry is such a jazz fan. And of course, now I realize one reason why she has such good taste in music and people to profile -- Davis must have some influence on her.

Celebrity couple name: "Tancis" or "Frerry" (both very awkward, unless he goes by "Frank" or "Fritz" in which case: "Tank" or another unsuitable option).

Here's a weird one: Michael Lewis, author of Liar's Poker [sorry, you have to click through to see how ugly this new cover is] and Moneyball, is married to Tabitha Soren (boy what a bad Wikipedia stub), of MTV news fame. I was probably reading his book and getting the news from her at the same time! I have no idea how they met, so this makes it even more odd. She's working as a photographer now, by the way.

Couple name: "Mabitha." There is no other choice.

Oh, and he wrote about the father's role in the birth of his children in Slate here and here and more. (Cliffs Notes version: shut up and get out of the way.)

Okay, now that my unhealthy obsession is revealed, look for more posts on this unhealthy topic.

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