Sunday, August 20, 2006

Travel bargains

I love James Fallows -- he used to edit US News and World Report and contributes regularly to The Atlantic. This month's cover story on Al Qaeda was written by him.

I didn't read it.

There was also a "classic" piece in their series celebrating the history of The Atlantic in which Fallows writes about word processors. Kind of amusing.

What I love reading him for are his tech news and summaries that appear occasionally in the New York Times (often Sunday Business) or The Atlantic. He's obviously a computer geek, but he's a geek who has a proper job -- writing and researching -- that's not dissimilar to my job. So when he recommends a product or website, it usually has relevance and purpose and not just bells and whistles.

That's all to say that is the coolest travel search engine I've seen. Fallows recommended it (in a sidebar to his third contriubtion to this month's magazine) and I tried it in booking tickets to Charlie and Stacy's wedding. You do a quick search of multiple airlines and online sites, and then the left sidebar does a great job of narrowing your search.

Try it, you'll like it!

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