Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Now Monthly! What we did on our vacation


Back from our trip to Toronto where we had so much fun that this post will read like bullet points.

In case you're wondering, it's about a 9-10 hour drive from Boston to Toronto if you go around the eastern end of Lake Ontario (i.e. Watertown, NY over the Thousand Islands Bridge to Kingston, ONT).

The first night, we stopped in East Syracuse. The next morning, we made a quick drive up to Canada, the last hour or so was spent with me nervously clutching my belly because I forgot to bring our passports. The border guard was nice and let us in with Driver's Licenses and the kids' insurance cards but reminded us to bring their birth certificates next time. Whew!

We had lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking the harbor at Gananoque. We ate at the pub and Julie had Thousand Island dressing on her salad in celebration of our drive so far. I had an Alexander Keith's IPA which was tasty. Ah, Canadian beer.

From Gananoque, we took a nice boat tour to see some of the islands (more than a thousand). We learned that a) ten minutes is about as much of a boat ride as Mari is interested in, b) islands are defined as having i) six square feet of area and ii) two trees, c) gosh darn it's a beautiful place. Lots of the little islands have been in the same family for a century and there are funny stories about some of the sale transactions involving bottles of rum and ridiculously little money. One of my favorite fun facts is that there is a church on one of the islands and you can bring your boat over on Sunday afternoon, anchor, and then sit and listen to the services from your own craft. Must be hard to get much into the collection plate!

That afternoon, we drove into Toronto. No hurricane, unlike last year. In fact, there was hardly a cloud in the sky the whole time we were in Canada. Beautiful!

Okay, next post!

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