Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Other photos

I will eventually write about our trip to the Northern California rain forest and post pictures, but meanwhile here're some snaps from other people in which we make cameos -- nice to see what you look like as a supporting player rather than the star of the show (as Hunter and Maia clearly are here).

Here's my cousin Ching's photos of our visit to his house -- as well as others from the holiday season. Austin was very impressed with Hunter's toys (I was impressed by how Hunter sat down to draw, and then taped his drawing on the wall). If you saw all of the photos taken from various Cheng cameras on Christmas eve, you could probably reconstruct the entire night at ten minute intervals -- and in 3-D. (Hey that should be an episode of CSI, reconstructing a crime from a photo happy Asian family's event.)

Edie also posted photos -- we're in her Christmas photos and New Year's photos (brunch and dinner!). Maia is Mari's doppelganger, born 5 days apart and sharing three letters in their name. I was worried they might explode or fuse together if they touched but instead they just patted each other nicely or (in the case of Mari) stared furiously at her mommy playing with another little girl.

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