Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Art: updated with pictures

The kids are becoming artists!

The art teacher at their school chose 3-4 projects from each grade to contribute to the art exhibit at the Dept. of Education building and both Mari and Austin's were chosen! Mari made a flower out of paper and Austin did Chinese brush painting.

Not only that, they each published a photograph in the Working Writer's Daily Planner. Pretty neat!

Austin with his painting of mountains and bamboo. His teacher recognized his minimal use of strokes.

Mari with her flower. Very symmetrical and three dimensional and with a detailed background.


Parkside said...

very cool! photos please....

jc said...

Sorry, Parkside. Lame parenting means I only just remembered I took photos with the phone.

BTW, copy of the Daily Planner winging your way via US Post Office and Sleeper Avenue.