Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mari's 5th Birthday Party video


Parkside said...

Looks like a total blast. Reminds me of the birthday parties from when we were kids. What was the game with the spoons and the oven mitts? And Mari looked like she loved every minute of it.

These days the simple parties are massive park playground affairs and the upscale ones are at party places (big bouncy houses). I miss having the party at our house.

Maia just made her guest list for next year's party - we'll see what it ends up at next fall... but there were only 6 kids on it compared to 25 or so this year.

jc said...

Oh yes,

I guess I should explain that last game, "Nanook of the North." In preparation, a candy bar is wrapped up in wrapping paper, newspaper, whatever, multiple times. The players take turns rolling dice (or spinning a dial in this case) and if they roll doubles (or roll 5 in this case), they get to be Nanook and try to open up the package. The thing is, to be Nanook you have to put on mittens, a hat (and sometimes we add ski goggles to make the whole thing harder) and use only spoons to open up the package. Whoever gets the package open wins the candy.

I got a multipack of Reese's so there would not be a single winner. Also, this is a game we've played a lot as adults but this was the first time for the kids. When you get slightly tipsy adults attacking the candy with wooden spoons and the goggles askew, it's pretty hilarious.