Friday, August 21, 2009

Toronto pictures

These are sort of in reverse order, but that's blogging, right?

At the Marina Grill in Ontario Place.

Atom Blaster!
H2O Generator; aka kiddie Habitrail
Mari was in one of those tubes up top.
Water park at Ontario Place.
Rafts going to the top of the River Raft Ride.
Water parks are everywhere in Ontario -- the zoo, L'Amoreaux park, Ontario Place. This is what they look like.
Little India. Julie in her new shirt.
Ambiance Chocolat.
Pizza Pide dude. He's from Ankara.

Nice slogan. Also like the way the windows cut up our reflections.
The new ROM, looking SW from Bloor and Queen's Park.

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pc said...

The one of Ma/Ba with Mari is particularly nice. Everyone looks happy in a natural way (rather than an I'm about to be photographed way).