Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still have kids

Haven't mentioned the kids here in a while.

Funny thing, for the first time in years, Mari has become more annoying than Austin. I mean, Austin has always been great, but he's as temperamental, stubborn and opinionated as his father. Meanwhile, Mari's usually a sweetheart.

Lately, though, Austin has matured to an incredible degree. He's very polite, understands (a little bit) putting stuff away and keeping things neat, and he's helpful and considerate.

Nothing wrong with Mari, but she's still a four year old and has a tendency to whine when she's tired or grumpy.

When they're both in good moods, it's terrific to listen to them play together (I tend to get out of their way when they're getting along so well).

Oh, also Mari decided she didn't like the hair in her eyes so she gave herself a haircut today.

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Edie said...

I love breakthrough moments like which child is more annoying. We are hitting a point right now where Maia is incredibly helpful and self-reliant most of the time, and Lucy is a little tempest waiting to erupt. But then a few times last weekend Maia had the tantrum and Lucy just stood by the side telling us Maia was crying.

Also the dynamic between the two of them is developing. Lucy basically blames everything on Maia even if Maia's not in the room. "Maia Gao Ni!" (Maia's bugging you!) But Maia also does want Lucy to stay away from all her toys, while she also wants to play with things Lucy has picked up.

Anyway, appreciated your posts. Keeps it real.