Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween pictures

Multiple costumes!

For the Jamaica Plain Lantern Parade (pic):

Going to school on Halloween day (Mari's teacher may not have realized she was dressed differently than usual):

And for trick or treating, a Peter Pan theme:


pc said...

wow that's a lot of costuming. did the kids come up with these ideas themselves? why the multiple costumes for the various events?

jc said...

It's all the result of hand me downs. We just have lots of costumes, like the dinosaur and the fire fighter. I was Darth Vader last year and Mari's "princess" costume is a dress she loves plus a tiara from her birthday party. For Peter Pan and Wendy, Julie and I went to a thrift store for the shirt and dress, and then Julie made the hat out of felt from Joann Fabrics. Total cost of both costumes: about $5.

Edie said...

Nice costumes! I had to laugh about Mari's day-of costume. And I'm most impressed with the parental costumes. I was much more into dressing my kids than myself.