Tuesday, November 07, 2006

100th post! More funny kids!

Okay, Austin gets a lot of attention here because of the funny things he says.

Today we made a big deal about getting out of the house earlier so we could go vote. He got really excited and changed his clothes and put on his shoes and jacket much faster than usual. I told Austin that voting was secret so he was whispering, and then I showed him how I filled out the ballot and he helped me put it in the reader. As we left the building, he started to get mad. "We didn't go! We didn't go!"


"You said we were going to a boat and we didn't go!"

And this is classic: while putting on his shoes, Austin turned to me and said: "Daddy, is this a dream?"

What do you mean?

"If this was a dream, we'd still be sleeping, right?"

Right. No, Austin, this is not a dream.

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Edie said...

And congrats on #100!! We're still reading out here...